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Since our foundation in Indonesia in 2008, the growth of our local entity YASKAWA ELECTRIC INDONESIA and the Indonesian economy have been intrinsically linked. Our automation technologies and systems enable Indonesian companies to address the need for improved quality, better delivery time. We emphasize introduction, maintenance and support in our business operations – so we educate our customers on our product portfolio and how to use our technologies to achieve these goals. 

While we continue to find new customers and new industries, our future goals also include new innovations and technologies that create sustainable growth as Indonesia enters a more developed manufacturing economy. The Republic of Indonesia has always been an important region for business for us and we want to assist in tackling energy and environmental issues. Hence for our mid-term business plan, our efforts are focused on two new sectors – Environmental & Energy and Robotics Human Assist and through them, we will create high-value-added, environmentally friendly products and systems that allow energy to be used stably and with maximum efficiency

On behalf of my team at Yaskawa Electric Indonesia, I thank our customers for the high standards they hold us and our products to. We always look for partnerships based on lasting trust and a high level of expertise and in the last decade of operations, we have found many such business partnerships and we strive to build many more.

Takashi Kobayashi

President Director of Yaskawa Electric Indonesia