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See, Do, Learn – Become more familiar with yaskawa product

As Indonesia’s first Technical center, Yaskawa has made available robots, servos and drives  for experiential learning - providing a venue for enhancing knowledge and skills in automation and safety training. 

We cater to students from universities and polytechnics, allowing them for a “hands-on” experience in the lucrative industry of industrial automation. Most mid-to-big size industrial plants in Indonesia are fully automated. Candidates interested in pursuing a career at these plants can participate in our training programs that cover a range of applications from welding, painting and handling, and many more applications in industry. We also share knowledge on Yaskawa software including system design solutions and shed light on regular maintenance procedures and the science behind our Product. 

We provide complete certification for attendees who finish our course.

At the Indonesia Technical  Center, our main aim is to train young engineering graduates and diploma students of all engineering disciplines up to industry expectations. Another objective is also to encourage young professionals to take up this cross-disciplinary field as a career of their choice and acquaint them with latest technological developments in the field of industrial automation. We want to share our knowledge and expertise that we have amalgamated from over 100 years of business operations.

Our Technical center is also open to customers who would like to experiment with the adoption of our systems – we can train employees at our center. Alternatively, we provide training at your venue of choice with already installed robots so your employees can maximize equipment performance and you get a better return on investment for your Yaskawa purchases.