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Drives & Motion Control
System Engineering


Yaskawa Electric Indonesia is a local subsidiary of Yaskawa Electric Singapore – a leading global manufacturer of automation solutions and technologies. Established in 2008, we are a catalyst for industrialization in Indonesia.
Yaskawa Electric Indonesia produces a wide array of products under three product divisions – Robotics, Drives and Motion Control and System Engineering. Since strong customer support and service is an integral part of our corporate structure, we make it a fourth “product” division. Our products are used in almost every industrial activity and we offer an unprecedented choice in selecting the right solution to match specific application requirements and can provide total solutions for all your automation needs.
Based in Halim, Jakarta, we endorse our growing business dimensions with a lean and concise organizational structure. While our products are known for their high quality, durability, and reliability, a qualified team of engineers sustains their efficacy with specialized training in motors and a strong, knowledgeable back office. We also run on-site training programs for companies who want to experiment with our products before committing to purchase. Our sales team is also always in touch with our customers and routinely reviews and monitors new projects. 


Robotics Yaskawa HC10

Our robotics division can assist you in selecting from our wide range of industrial and factory automation robots – all of which are run by our efficient Yaskawa SERVO motors. Well suited for the automotive, food and beverage and general industries, our robots strongest pursuit is in our core field of welding but can also assist in handling, assembly, painting and clean room applications. 
As one of the first robotic companies to make advancements in semiconductor manufacturing technology and motion control equipment, our research and development has also led to the creation of clean/vacuum robots and wafer handling devices. We hope to continue innovation that addresses these new industrial automation challenges.

Drive and Motion Control

Drive and Motion Control The WORLD Fastest Response Performance

Concentrated on the sales and support of SERVO motors and drives, low voltage AC inverter drives and machine controllers – our drive and motion control division offers total automation solutions for mid-range factories that require energy saving and scalable devices. 
Widely used across the food & beverage, textile, steel, water distribution, film and general industries in Indonesia, our products are hard at work to sustain Yaskawa’s reputation for high quality and best service.

System Engineering

System Engineering World's Smallest MV Drive

Yaskawa’s MV AC inverter drives are used in a growing number of heavy industries in Indonesia, particularly in water distribution and iron & steel. Our star product, the MV1000, is the world’s smallest medium-voltage AC drive and complies with international safety standards. 
Our system engineering division can assist you in developing and designing total solutions for industrial electrical systems using these high-quality and stable products, through which your plant can enjoy a host of benefits including achieving ideal operation patterns, extending machine life and the ability to reduce power supply capacity.

Customer Service

Customer Service SEE, DO, LEARN

Yaskawa’s commitment to providing perfection through automation does not end with the installation of our products or systems. Once installation is complete, our customer service entity will ensure that your product has an extended life cycle and that your repair costs are minimized through regular inspections and maintenance
We were founded in Indonesia primarily to deliver a superior sales and after-sales service experience. By operating out of Jakarta and having an on-site training and repair center, we can respond to product inquiries instantly and deliver entire systems within a short time span. In addition, we can quickly provide spare parts and do repairs.