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Yaskawa provides robotic systems to companies across all industry sectors – but under robotics, mostly we commission industrial robots for customers that have a product or process and want to improve on productivity, quality, health & safety, or costs savings without knowing how. Through our robotics division, we match our wide range of industrial robots and applications to our customer’s automation requirements. Given our years of experience in robotics, our customers have full confidence in our technical abilities and know our solutions will be effective with minimal disturbance to their production.

Our clients are involved in every stage of the process from design review meetings to progress meetings to prior employee training at our centre, so when the robots arrive for installation - they already have a very good understanding of the complete Yaskawa automation solution. 

This is an overview of the phases when you purchase a Yaskawa industrial robot.

Installation & Commissioning
The Yaskawa team members responsible for the installation and commissioning of your robots are fully trained in the appropriate planning, coordination, management, supervision and inspection duties, as well as in instructing the employees who will be operating the robots. They will integrate the robot with existing controllers and perform auto run tests.

The Yaskawa Robotics Service team is on standby 24/7 to assist with troubleshooting on site or via the telephone. We can assist you through any mechanical and electrical issues that might occur and we have ready stock of authorized Yaskawa spare parts in cases of most standard wear and tear.  

Inspection & Maintenance
At Yaskawa, we believe preventive maintenance lessens the risk of production downtime and unscheduled repairs. We have a list of maintenance programs for routine inspections and cleanups. These programs are clearly defined for each stage of your robot’s lifecycle and after each program, engineers provide written reports for transparent accountability. 

Training Center
We offer hands-on training on actual robots so your employees are skilled on operational, programming and maintenance procedures. This can be done at Yaskawa Electric Indonesia where we have multi-application robots on standby or at your production site after installation and commissioning.