Palletizing Package

Palletizing Package

Your Best Fit Palletizing Solution

Robotic palletizing provides a modular end of line palletizing system. A flexible solution for palletizing provided in four different configurations. Select the cell that meets your line capacity and requirements. Robotic palletizing cells are ready to improve your line with industrial palletizing robots.

Industry Focus
◼️ Food
◼️ Pharmaceuticals
◼️ Chemicals
◼️ Manufacturing
◼️ Small breweries
◼️ Plastic packaging companies
Key Advantages
✔️ User-Friendly
✔️ Cost-Effective
✔️ Advanced reliability
✔️ Small footprint
✔️ Quick start-up cycles
✔️ Low maintenance


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Single Palletizer Cells

Semi Automation single box palletizer and stack

Minimum footprint palletizing cell for a single pallet with a standard attached conveyor and load/unload function utilizing a pallet jack or forklift.

Double Palletizer Cells

Semi automation double pallet box palletizer and stack

The robot completes one pallet position before switching to the other, allowing time to replace the full pallet. Also, via barcode reader it can build two pallets with different products at the same time.

Full Automation Palletizer Cells

Full automation double pallet box palletizer and stack

Empty pallets are placed initially in a docking station. When needed an empty pallet is picked by the robot and placed at the palletizing location. Full pallets are conveyed automatically out of the safety fence. Optionally interlayer sheets can be placed between the layers of the boxes to increase pallet stability.

Cobot Palletizing Package

For tight spaces the collaborative solution!

Designed to provide a mobile automated box palletizing solution for low or medium speed flexible production lines. Collaborative design assures safety, quality and precision, without safety fences. Robotics collaborative palletizers are suitable for 1 or 2 palletizing positions and are available in two versions for boxes of 8 kg or 18 kg. Also there are options available for interlayer use or collaboration with Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR) to provide one complete logistics solution.